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Balms Abogados - Areas of practice
Лого Балмс Абогадос България
Български English Espanol Tuesday, 06 December 2022

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BGI за нас сфери на дейност екипът ни защо България правен бюлетин новини връзки с нас
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Foreign investments - Servicing the interests of the foreign investors in Bulgaria is a priority area of practice of Balms Abogados Bulgaria, because of the opportunity provided by the international office network of Balms Group International all over the world. Regarding the foreign clients... [more]

Construction process - Giving account of the dynamics of construction development in Bulgaria and the foreign construction companies interest toward that particular business, Balms Abogados Bulgaria provides for its clients all the necessary legal, accounting and tax consulting... [more]

Real estates - Balms Abogados Bulgaria provides for integral consulting services related to acquisition, management and disposal of real estates, constitution and transfer of property rights, securities and collaterals, drafting of all the necessary papers... [more]

Company Law - Another priority area of practice of Balms Abogados Bulgaria is legal consulting regarding issues arising in Company Law matters, and specifically: registration and servicing of business entities ... [more]

M&A - Balms Abogados Bulgaria provides for special consulting services related to transformation of the companies through any of the procedures regulated by the Commercial Act of 1991... [more]

Asset management - Giving account of the investor’s goals to achieve the best possible results for the least funds and efforts, the Balms Abogados Bulgaria team undertakes to consult its clients on the most profitable... [more]

Receivership and insolvency procedures - The termination of the company’s activity comes as a result of its shareholders and brings to their dissolution and deletion in the world of business. The Balms Abogados Bulgaria team provides for exactly this consulting services... [more]

Banking Law - Rendering an account of the importance of the bank credits for successful operation of any investment project, Balms Abogados Bulgaria puts a special emphasis on issues related to financing their client’s business... [more]

Competition Law - The dynamics of the Bulgarian economic development during the past few years has been significantly influencing the Commission on Protection of the Competition as an authority... [more]

Intellectual property - Balms Abogados Bulgaria lays stress on intellectual and industrial property issues as they may form part of the client’s assets once having established his serious business in the country... [more]

EU funding - Taking account of the outstanding importance of the financing by the EU funds, which contributed a lot for the economic growth and development of the Bulgarian economy during the past few years... [more]

Public procurement - Being an adviser of the largest Spanish investors in Bulgaria Balms Abogados Bulgaria assists their participation in bids for public procurement. Balms Abogados Bulgaria also assists in their preparation for the bids through: drafting of the necessary papers... [more]

Concessions - Balms Abogados Bulgaria undertakes to completely serve its client’s needs in respect of their concession projects and in compliance with the Concessions Act of 2006 and the Rules of its implementation... [more]

Employment Law and Social Security - The dynamics of the Bulgarian economic development during the past few years is inevitably tied up to diverse employment and social security legal practice, and namely: solving issues related to fixed-term labour contracts... [more]

Tax planning - Considering the particular importance of the tax planning when doing business in Bulgaria and in respect of attracting and encouraging investors from abroad, Balms Abogados Bulgaria provides specialised consultations related to updated tax legislation... [more]

Accounting services - Bearing in mind that the accurate and sound accounting contributes as much to the successful business activity of the companies as the legal servicing, Balms Abogados Bulgaria offers high quality accounting services to its clients.... [more]

Litigation - Willing to provide our clients with the most effective and fastest solutions to any potential legal problem that might arise in whatever kind of disputes, Balms Abogados Bulgaria works, in the course of business... [more]

Mediation - In order to provide its clients with prompt and effective enforcement of their lawful rights and interests, Balms Abogados Bulgaria conscientiously avoids long-lasting and expensive lawsuits in the civil courts... [more]

Arbitration procedures - When it turns out to be impossible to reach an out-of-court agreement through mediation, Balms Abogados Bulgaria provides for its clients a team of professionals in lawsuit legal proceedings all of whom have long experience in legal actions... [more]

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