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Balms Abogados - Why Bulgaria
Лого Балмс Абогадос България
Български English Espanol Tuesday, 06 December 2022

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BGI за нас сфери на дейност екипът ни защо България правен бюлетин новини връзки с нас
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- The Republic of Bulgaria is located in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula in South Eastern Europe and occupies 22% of the territory of the peninsula. The country borders on the Black Sea in the East, Greece and Turkey in the South, Serbia and Macedonia in the West and is divided from Romania in the North by the river of Danube. The total length of the state border is 2245 km, of which 1181 km is land, 686 km – river, and 378 km – sea. The road net of the country amounts up to 36 720 km, and the railroads are 4 300 km. Bulgaria has a research base in the Antarctic and as a Consulting member of the Antarctic Treaty takes part in the government of the territories south of 60° southern latitude.The climate is temperate continental (2000 to 2400 sun hours per year) with four distinct seasons: cold and sometimes humid winter with snowfall and average temperature of 0°C, warm and often humid spring, hot and dry summer with average temperatures of 23°C, and warm sunny autumn. ... [more]

- The last decade marked Bulgaria as the new highly attractive spot for foreign investments. The percentage of growth for 2006 compared to 2001-2003 period shows an increase of 220%. To a great extent that is due to the favourable investment regime encouraging the foreign investors and the substantial tax concessions granted to the local companies. The stability of the Bulgarian economy as a founding pillar of the economic growth is based on the harmonisation of the national with the EU legislation. More specifically, investors enjoy sate and municipality financial aid in infrastructure development related to major investment projects. Along with that the acquisition of property and limited property rights over state and municipality estates is subject to a simplified procedure. ... [more]

- THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY, Sofia 1000, National Assembly Square, phone.: + 359 2  9 39 39 ,; THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF BULGARIA, Sofia 1123, 2 Dondukov blvd., Web:; THE COUNCIL OF MINISTERS, Sofia 1194, 1 Dondukov blvd., phone: + 359 2  940 29 99 , fax: + 359 2  980 20 56, Web: [more]