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Balms Abogados - Mexico
Лого Балмс Абогадос България
Български English Espanol Tuesday, 06 December 2022

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BGI за нас сфери на дейност екипът ни защо България правен бюлетин новини връзки с нас
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Cuevas y Villarreal was founded in 1985 in Mexico City by Pedro Cuevas Garza and Guillermo Villarreal Torres. Our law firm has over twenty five years of experience providing legal services in the areas of corporate, real estate, civil, commercial, tax, labor and administrative (including litigation), securities and insurance law, mergers and acquisitions, debt restructuring, foreign investments, testamentary planning, social security and international trade areas, as well as Commercial Notary Public’s services and other regulated areas, both domestic and international, providing our professional services mainly to clients from Mexico, the United States of America, Canada, Argentina and Spain.


Our lawyers and supporting professionals have accomplished postgraduate studies in the best educational institu­tions both in Mexico and in the United State of America, therefore they have the knowledge and resources to advise and represent a broad range of clients, including individual entrepreneurs and corporate international clients of great relevance.





- General Corporate

- Due Diligence

- Civil and Commercial Law -


- Tax Law

- Real Estate

- Foreign investment and foreign


- Labor Law

- Financial Services

- Administrative Law

- Mergers and Acquisitions

- Debt restructuring and insolvency

- Security Law

- Commercial Notary Public’s Office

- Social Security

- Official



Guillermo Villarreal Torres -Pedro Cuevas Garza - Rosalba Muñoz Campos - Luis A. de la Torre Sánchez


Arturo Pueblita Fernández - Diego Cuevas Estandía - Ileana Melissa Barriga Castañeda - Marcela Ríos Torres -

Roberto F. Gutiérrez Hernández - Cecilia M. Peraza Zazueta




Prol. Paseo de la Reforma #115

Despacho 1001.

Col. Paseo de las Lomas. Santa Fe

C.P. 01330, México D.F.


Tel: + 52 55 5258 1150

Fax: + 52 55 5292 6330

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


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