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Balms Abogados - Paraguay
Лого Балмс Абогадос България
Български English Espanol Tuesday, 06 December 2022

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BGI за нас сфери на дейност екипът ни защо България правен бюлетин новини връзки с нас
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Jiménez Balbiani &
Asociados Estudio Juridico

The law firm Jiménez Balbiani & Asociados was established in Asunción, Paraguay, in 1973, thus in its more than three decades of existence, it has accumulated a vast experience serving Justice in favour of its national and international clients.

During this period of time we have represented, advised, and integrally defended numerous and distinguished clients, obtaining extraordinary results, in different areas of the law. This has allowed us to win the trust of the local and international market, establishing us amongst the most competitive law firms in the country.

Aware of the contemporary needs and the actual market, Jiménez Balbiani & Asociados relies on a comfortable and appropriate infrastructure in accordance to the new technological tendencies and innovations, creating a favourable environment for team work and dialogue with its clients.

Areas of Expertise

- Banking & Finance
- Corporate Law
- Civil, Commercial and LaborLaw
- Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
- Capital Markets
- Litigation
- Mediation and Arbitration
- Distribution and Franchises
- Consumer Protection
- Tax and Customs

- Administrative Law
- Sport Law
- Environmental Law
- Anti-trust & Competition Law
- Intellectual Property
- Internet and Data Protection
- Bankruptcy Law
- Customs Law
- Maritime Law
- Aeronautic Law

- Insurance Law
- Civil Liability
- Real estate & construction
- Family Law
- Agricultural & Livestock business
- Telecommunications & IT
- International Law
- Natural Resources and Energy Law
- Biotechnology

Jiménez Balbiani &
Asociados Estudio Juridico

Jejui 690 esq. O´Leary – C.P. Nº 1255 Asunción, Paraguay

T. (595 21) 449 084
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